What Is Preaching?

Preaching is what people do when they want to strongly exhort. prophesy or reprove other people. Preaching is also defined as ‘the public proclamation of Christianity to the non-Christian world’. Preaching can be multifarious! It seem to me that we do a whole lot of preaching to each other who are saved and not enough to the non-Christian world. The enemy of our walk with God has confused so many by making “superstar” preachers (who I think should stay in Hollywood)! I have heard great preaching in my day! Sermons that would curl and did curl the devils toes. These sermons did not come from some known “superstar” but from the heart of individuals who understood the heart of God to reach souls. They understood the warfare that begins in prayer before the sermon is even designed on paper. They understood the anointing that came upon them as they began to declare the oracles of God to unsaved ears. It is not in length nor of talent but in the understanding that the Word of God is preached to bring souls to the decision of accepting Christ. For myself I have been speaking for about 33 years. I really do not know if I even understand the “art” of preaching. One thing I do understand is that no matter how God does it, it is Him who breaks the yoke through preaching. I remember once that I felt that I had really found my niche in communicating the Gospel of Christ. I invited a seasoned preacher who I respected immensely to preach at the church I was pastoring in San Lorenzo, CA. The speaker came to the platform after I spent time introducing and sowing accolades ( Gets me sick to think that is what I thought was right) and in five minutes of speaking (preaching) the message was over. I sat in my chair thinking: It took five minutes to say what normally would have taken me an hour! I learned that day that content can be delivered as the Holy Spirit gives opportunity. What is the understanding of preaching. Paul stated this: “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel (good news) of Christ, for it is God’s power working unto salvation [for deliverance from eternal death] to everyone who believes with a personal trust and a confident surrender and firm reliance, to the Jew first and also to the Greek, ” (Romans 1:16, AMP) In this verse I have soaked my spirit-man. Hoping that one day I can say in five minutes what it takes an hour normally for me. You can buy books to show you how to stand when you preach ( I must confess, that I never read one but I have paged through them!) You can buy other sermons and build of them. You can memorize so you can deliver with the greatest of eloquence ( That is cool, I think). But I still believe that finding a prayer closet and asking God to anoint you with power, to flow through you in power and to help you quench the thirsting of Jesus is the way to get your sermon. Studying is what God wants but we need to be anointed also. So what is preaching? I really can only tell you that I am still learning to preach! What I have learned so far is that God has chosen it to communicate to the lost. By the way board room preaching is messed up and not anointed! Peace Dennis All scriptures contained in this blog are of the The amplified Bible, containing the amplified Old Testament and the amplified New Testament. 1987. La Habra, CA: The Lockman Foundation.


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  2. Hello Dennis! Great post. I have considered this in much the same light.
    I have been looking for other sites which complement my BLOG, ChiefShepherd (at http://afcdn.com ). This post is just the kind of question that we welcome on our blog. The CS is designed to “minister to those who minister” and is intended to provide resources and helps to Christian ministers everywhere.
    I posted a response (trackback) to this article on CS. I hope the link works. In any case, would you like to share links in each of our blogrolls?

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