Being Ahead Of The Game

Psalm 37:37  Mark the blameless man and behold the upright, for there is a happy end for the man of peace (Amplified Bible) Life certainly is not a game of chess or a tactical board game of any sort. People though; treat the gift of life, as it is a game based on the rules made by men. If you want to define life as a game then you should realize that the Father wrote the rules in stone, Himself. The Ten Commandments sanctioned by God and ratified through Christ Jesus! Upon these two commandments hang the law and the prophets! (Matthew 22:40) By following the rules of life written by the Lord you will be ahead of the game. Life seems trivial to many and on the contrary it is vastly important to most. Every moment that life “ticks” by there are an opportunities created and sought after that will enhance life. One such opportunity is that of salvation by grace through the Blood of a surrendered Savior, Jesus Christ. He came to give life and that life more abundantly (John 10:10). Obtaining fullness of life through repentance and acceptance of the love of God. Forgiveness sought is answered by the grace of God with an eternal promise filled with hope. Justified through Christ reserving and embracing a relationship with God (Romans 5:1). Historically the Bible testifies of Adam and Eve in fellowship with God in the garden entitled Eden. A place where God walk in the cool of day with His most cherished creation, mankind. Peace is all they knew and peace is what was promised. Sin had not yet entered into the heart of man. However, when sin was embraced and nurtured, it became the “fall” that would introduce God’s grace and His everlasting mercy to all who would call upon Him. There are three unique instances of faith that can be acknowledged as acceptance of the Father on His grounds of truth and grace. 1. Joshua testifies in his final hour of his decision to serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15) 2. Paul, as his life draws to a close, his head lays on the executioners’ block. He confesses the “good fight of faith”. (2 Timothy 4:7) 3. Jesus, the Son of the Living God, surrenders Himself to mankind for the forgiveness of sin. He confesses, “It is finished” (John 19:30) Joshua led God’s people through to the land of promise, Canaan. He sought the Lord and embraced his anointing realizing that God through Moses, his mentor-coach, imparted it: Moses a spiritual giant and father of the faith. As his life grew old and his days became short he desired to leave the testimony of service not only for himself, but his family. He gave Israel a choice: Serve the gods of this world or serve God. Joshua chose eternal life by serving God! Paul, once a destroyer of human life and a living example of the design of men and their precepts upon precepts, was far from God. He experienced an expression of grace on his travels to Damascus and became the Apostle of the New Testament in power. He fought to bring life to the then known world. Testifying that the life of Christ through the power of God’s word and not man’s wisdom brings salvation. (Romans 1:16) His dedication and faith coupled with expectancy-birthed results of eternal life to all that believed. Jesus, born of a virgin and to die as a man on a Cross on Calvary’s hill, knew that through His death and suffering mankind would be ahead of life and live it to its fullest. He lived a life that served and blessed all that would come to Him. He sought out the hurting as they also sought for Him. What he offered and offers even now is God’s everlasting life and a freedom from the dominion of sin. (Romans 6:14) Grace applied and mercies pen has rewritten the lives of those that have called upon His name. (Romans 10:11-13) Jesus opened the way to the Father and has given victory, through faith, to all. (1 Corinthians 15:54-58). In Psalm 73 the psalmist confesses the life of the foolish seemed great through his eyes. Then he considered their end when he entered into the sanctuary of the Lord. When he saw clearly the results of not knowing God. He saw that it was good to draw close to God and to trust in Him. Stay ahead with the Lord leading you and nothing shall separate you from Him! (Romans 8:31-39) Remember prayer moves the Hand of God.

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