The Economy of Prayer

The downward economy seems to be the talk of the past two years with all the foreclosures and short sales. Joblessness and deficient income or as some say, “a reduction of household income”, is causing America to face difficulties not seen since the early 1980’s. Also, compared often to the depression, which was birthed in the 1930’s. This certainly is not the time to be slack in your concern and avoiding the obvious: The rich are growing in wealth and the poor are sinking deeper into poverty. The middle class simply does not exist as it once did or at a stretch, not at all! These opening statements are really a platform to state the obvious that is going on in the Church in America today: There is a downward application of prayer. Even though this would be a prime time to pray with great fervency, we are more apt to run out to socialize or check out our Facebook pages and/or send a tweet to someone of a some “wonder” thought we might have had during the morning sermon (if the attention to the sermon, which is needed, is really being concentrated on). This certainly is not a “ho-hum” time and an attitude of  “all things will work out soon enough.” I often think that it would be really awesome if the Lord would “tweet” everyone from Twitter or ask to be a friend of everyone on Facebook. That He would show up on primetime television with a reality show that would portray what His desires are for us to pray and too live like. I am truly a fan of all the social media that goes on every moment each day. How wonderful it is to see people talk to one another and send messages that encourage, challenge, provoke and educate. However, we are missing time with Lord and that time is needed. Through all the texting that occurs and the self-promoting of personalities and events through social media there is a link that is not weak but missing. The relationship to the Father in communicating our hearts in such a way that we can submit time to Him in prayer is a necessary social media. Taking hold of the challenge of 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people…would pray and seek my face… The Jeremiah 33:3 hail from God… “Call to me and I will answer and tell you great and unsearchable things that you do not know.” Too embrace the simplicity of Jesus’ answer to “teach us to pray”: He told his disciples (which we are today, by the way) “when you pray, say…”: Giving us a model and a pattern of prayer. The truth is overwhelming that He will answer the prayers that we speak to Him or ponder in our hearts to Him! In 1 John 5:14-15 we have a confidence and a faith that we will receive from Him what we have requested. Grasping God’s will for prayer is what the mystery is of prayer. Taking the challenge to pray and become, once again, social with the Lord and not just religious! We can bring an “Able” prayer before God or a “Cain” prayer. The choice is always ours to make: One stemming from the heart of dedication and passion or one from an action of lack of concern, coupled with a ritualistic approach. Prayer does not take long it just takes dedication. Speaking from your heart the praise, concerns, and what you hope for in the future is the right choice. The Church in America must pray again because the economy of prayer is rich in His presence. Remember prayer moves the Hand of God.

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