Take A Moment

Listening to people talk this week in groups and hearing the wishes of some it made me stop and ponder: What people need today is to take a moment. Yes, a moment in time where they can express their best character and acknowledge the Lord their God. We, most definitely go through life, with plenty of moments. Some moments defined as painful, harsh, joyful, thankful, creative, lovable, wishful, and resourceful. When a moment comes that is different from other moments that you may have experienced in your life, take note and ponder on how that moment may have or will change your life. Moments can be something very public; that is to say, everyone is noticing your moment with you. Then on the other side of the spectrum, that moment can be very private. Where the Lord has spoken to you, and you caught just what He stated without hesitation. Either side of that spectrum, the moment that you have, makes an enormous impact on your life. The Bible is full of moments that are monumental and very memorable! The God of all that we are, the Creator of the heavens and earth gave a moment of His time preparing a place for us. Yes, the time written in Genesis is six days, and then on the seventh, He rested. But I think that if compared to who God is, and what time means to Him, it was but a moment in eternity. Creating a beautiful place for Adam and Eve to live and enjoy in His presence. It took just a moment to waste the beauty of His presence and to disobey what God expected of them; they shattered the relationship they had with Him. It took but a moment for sin to birth in the heart of man. These defining moments that we can find in biblical history are amazing. Throughout the Old Testament, there are these moments which cannot escape us. Such as the moment the Lord declared that a Savior would come and restore humanity back to Him. The moment Abram changes course in his beautiful and fruitful life to look for a city whose foundations were built by God. Job, has an incredible life changing moment. Nehemiah, in a moment, becomes a governor instead of being a cupbearer. These moments show up with great defining character, which changes the present value of humanities dilemmas or struggles into the hope that is promised by the Lord. The moment David decided to view from his upper-porch, the beautiful Bathsheba, it changed his future and the future of others. So many moments to write about but there is one moment in all time that most memorable and meaningful: The moment Jesus gave up His life at Calvary. 30 So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, “It is finished!” And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit. John 19:30 He changed the destiny of man which was corrupted by sin and separated from God. It is amazing how just one moment can make such a difference in a life or billions of lives. The moment prophesied over four thousand years earlier enters time, as they knew it then, and “bam” destiny is changed and brought back to the purpose of the Creator. That moment that you may consider a real struggle or a tough time is but a light affliction. It has become a moment in your life but it ‘is working for us (you) a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory,’ 2 Corinthians 4:17 Keep that always in your heart. Everyone has a moment where they decide to call out to the Lord or deny His existence. Do not let that moment in life bring an expression of joy to a halt. Make the right decision at that moment and accept Him as Savior that your joy may be overflowing. It is God’s gift of grace and faith to us that we can embrace the one moment in our lives that will change our destiny for eternity. Everyone has a moment that they can remember. Remember prayer moves the Hand of God.

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