A Heart Driven By Compassion

What Makes A Person Compassionate? Compassion defined as sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. Reading the Bible, we certainly can understand this definition in so many areas of text. Starting at the very point of future redemption for fallen man: Genesis 3:15.  So many stories and line-by-line actions of mercy found in written history on how men helped other people. Mother Teresa stated in an AP article as responding to a man who happened to see her cleaning out wet soars on a child with leprosy. The man said that ‘he would not do that for a million dollars.’’ She looked up, from a bowed position as she was cleaning out the wounds of leprosy, and said directly to the American man, ‘Neither would I.’ What is related here is that she would do it only because of the heart that is driven by compassion. That same type of heart that was in Jesus when he hung on the Cross of Calvary for humanity. The heart that is full of God’s love and mercy can so rightly be involved in ministries of mercy and compassion. This compassion that is so noticeable in the eyes of those who weep when they see a child or a person in poverty. Clothed with filth and shame, deeply sorrowful and only needing a hand of compassion to reach out to them. Afraid that they will never see the goodness of a day again and the only food they will find is in a dumpster or the gutter of a street. Loudly, the heart of compassion that cries when they see a person reach into a garbage receptacle on a public street to find a drink or sandwich, which someone did not finish. These people who cannot walk by a person in desperation! They cannot because the compassion that rules them stops them, and they reach into the soul of the individual to guide them to safety and hopefully redemption. The hurt that they see bypasses the stench of an un-bathed individual and the teeth that are green/gray from the lack of proper hygiene. If their clothes are falling off of them, they are willing to give them their belt or even their coat so that they will help them. Even at noticeable bleeding and infected feet that have not any socks to cover them, much less, shoes for protection, they cry. They reach out and pull that person up to their feet and walk them to a place where care can be applied. Not fearful of catching lice or some infection! The only thought is that they know that their heart cries out to help this person, no matter what! Money could never drive them to do this, only the deep love found in their hearts. They see beauty in what other would consider horrid, gross, utterly putrid and untouchable. They see a mother’s child, a father’s son, and a human being, created by God that simply needs a touch of genuine compassion. When one is driven by this compassion the policies of this world that dictate the betterment of individual races and greed simply become imperceptible. They do not see color they see the need. They do not see a religion or an inflexible situation; they see a person whose life has become wretched and unexplainable to most. They stand with strength and begin a process of restoration and renewal. The time it takes to help and bring this life back to a relationship with society is not kept on a watch or wall. Time, never considered at all! All should consider how wonderful this person will be when they are healthy again: mentally, spiritually and physically. Yes, the eyes of compassion look through a lens that is not created by men but by God. Can this compassion be learned or earned? Yes, but not by the ways and scales of men, but by God. What drives a person to such a level of love and compassion? Certainly not, a structured course on Mercy Ministries or a visit to your local shelter or mission. No, this is not a genetic or hereditary and accepted as a family business or trait. This compassion or the act thereof is the heart of God birthed into a willing person who simply sees people in a condition that is unbearable. The heart responds! It does not know any other way. Nothing can get in the way of compassion! Compassion will find a way through the red tape, the muck, even the financial mountain it often takes to help just one in need. Compassion overtakes the heart and from it births future hope for the isolated people who sincerely need a helping hand. There is a great book just published, The Descent To Compassion by Steve Wright.  Steve is a man so full of compassion that he left all that was comfortable and descended into compassion to help people with no hope; those covered in garbage, filth, and shame. He brought them a new life, a life full of hope and love. You can purchase the Kindle edition of the book on Amazon’s website. Remember prayer moves the Hand of God.

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  1. Bro all I can say is when I read writing like this it makes me want to be right at your side there in Santa Cruz working with the hundreds of homeless you love and walk among daily. Thank you for being my friend and thank you for being an example of what Jesus is all about. I love you with all my heart. Thank also for the shout out.

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