Remaining The Same

The purpose of this blog is to state the importance of growing in Christ. As one begins the journey of discipleship, there is always the challenge to mature. Maturity is not a difficult task but can be accepted as such, when change is involved.  Change, for the most part, whether it is your surroundings, relationships, employment and most important of all, your character, can be challenging. The acceptance of change must come from the freedom to choose and also to embrace whatever changes it may be. The external changes mentioned, most likely, will take an acceptance to change but also the acceptance to mature into the acknowledged change.  Remaining the same can bring stagnation and most definitely a misconception of change around you. Internal changes also can be difficult, even more so, than external change. The part of our life that is not seen by others, veiled within our hearts and minds. This place where each challenge brings change. The conflict with change rages within and wraps around the character and emotions of individuals, causing concern and sometimes fear that is overwhelming. With all mentioned, there is no doubt that change is necessary, and most of the time uncontrollably. Change happens, in other words, if we like it or not. We can accept change, or we can have a conflict with it, but change will come about in the heart. Truly there is change, often unnecessary, caused by harmful activity, pride, anger, frustration, fear or simply some just like to make a difference just for the modification. This decision is the challenge that we face with change: Is it essential to change? The answer can vary when compared to the reason for a change to be presented and accepted. When anyone accepts the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior or rededicates their life again unto His Kingdom doctrines and moralities, there is a prerequisite for change. The heart of the person must change both emotionally not just figuratively. The commitment to the Lord must be dynamic in statement and lifestyle. There is a change, and that change is necessary! Also, as one develops into the disciplines of Christianity, change comes about that is coupled with wisdom and knowledge. Learning the Word of God and living out that education demands change in our views of life and our good applications toward humanity. We become more austere in our approach, and our ethics practiced with a sharpness that brings value to our decisions. Becoming a committed disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ is an accepted change and will cause the external and internal ranges of our lives to be different. We participate in individual commitments to our relationships, and we embrace the world with greater love. We recognize the artistic intentions of this world and learn from them in a way that enhances our knowledge of God’s love for humanity. Remaining the same is not the easy way to live but on the contrary, can cause more confusion and difficulty in life. Yes, change can be difficult and rejected. However, when it comes to change in relationship to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, change is demanded. The betterment of the person and for the Kingdom of God is necessary. Learn to change by praying, reading the Word and embracing the directives of the Lord in your life. You will not be disappointed or anxious. He is always with you and will never forsake you. (Hebrews 13:5b paraphrase) Dennis Remember prayer moves the Hand of God.

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