Prayer Makes The Difference

Prayer declares victory in the heart of God. Even when you come broken and distraught, He is there to listen and uplift you! You are faithful to the Word of God and have learned through life that the place to go is to the Throne Room of Grace! Entering in with a boldness which creates in you by faith in Him who is always faithful! The place of prayer where you know that God will meet with you is your place. Where comfort, hope, and restoration are there for you! Entering is a through a trusting faith which often may be damaged by overwhelming circumstance and loneliness! Victory belongs to us through the victory of Calvary’s Cross. Jesus opened up heaven to us, and we have received the gift of Salvation through His sacrifice, death, and resurrection. Giving us the courage to pray, the confidence to stay stable and the trust to be a surety to our souls. Praying does so much more for us than we understand. Bringing to us the clarity we need to live life with a winning attitude and a graceful approach to every incident and personality we may face daily! The Kingdom of God is in you, and when you seek the King of kings, you find Him in prayer communicating your love to Him. He is correlative in His response to you, giving what you ask because you have prayer believing! Time seems long and never-ending, however as we tender our time on this earth prayer reminds us of the eternal time we have promised to all who call upon the Name of Jesus! Never cease in praying and always praise the One who has blessed you with an abundant life of joy and fulfillment. Prayer moves the Hand of God!

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