Finding Freedom In Your Heart

Freedom found by people throughout this world and even as close as your neighbors is an experience to applaud. When going through life, at its rapid pace, we often look for places to rest and regain strength. Bound by the pressures of this age and the circumstances that overpower our day, we look for an escape. To break free seems distance and out of reach, but when we look into God’s Word, we find testimonies of freedom found. Being bound is not comfortable nor will it ever be accepted by your heart or understood by your mind! Having freedom is what God desires for our lives and what our life entails daily. Freedom of praise, worship, prayer, and love deeply seeded in our hearts can be watered and be productive through the knowledge of God’s Word. Having understanding and trust that the Lord has promised us peace and joy unspeakable along with hope. That hope is an anchor to our soul. Hope does not disappoint because the love of God, which is in our hearts by the presence of the Holy Spirit keeps us knowledgeable of God’s promises and His Word. Getting to know God’s Word brings freedom into your life and comfort to your soul. You can run the race with confidence knowing that God has promised you a future that is full of hope and plans that He has spoken to you! When you embrace the promises of God and speak them in your heart, your life will find a freedom which comes from following His commands. His commands are not burdensome nor are they complicated. They have the foundation of eternal promises, which through decades of the past, even up to now, never have failed.  It behooves each person to keep a maintenance of prayer and Bible study each day! Being free is a choice, and the choice belongs to each one, individually! Choose this day whom you will serve and find that His Word will set you free to live an abundant life in His presence. Remember prayer moves the Hand of God!  

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