Meditation Before The Lord

David spoke clearly of times of meditation. Spiritual communication between the Lord and himself. Psalm 19:14 14 May the words of my mouth     and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you,     O Lord, my rock and my redeemer. His words of prayer, communicating his requests and hope unto God in prayer. Dedicated prayer, which takes deep concentration and faith. David’s love for God and his trust that what he prayed would always be heard by God. He spent hours in prayer and disciplined himself to pray at certain times during the day. Always keeping in mind the meaning of prayer and the dynamics by which prayer established before God was received also as worship. Meditation pertains to the thoughts or the unspoken desires that are often portray meaning through a ‘silent’ but distinguished approach to God. Words of silence can best describe ‘meditation’ in its purest sense of understanding its place in prayer. Taking a pasture of prayer in the ‘place’ of prayer and listening to the still small voice of the Lord will enlighten the soul and fill the heart with promises and comfort, which are often unspeakable. Expressing your meditations before Him, with the hope that they are pleasing to Him is a mature responsibility, taking and expressing trust in His presence and purpose for your life. The wonders or prayer mixed with meditation bring confidence and a spiritual courage that expresses the identity learned in prayer. Engaging daily, in community with God, adding a richness that is only valued by your relationship and time you spend with Him, has no measure or weight but has eternal value. That value is what you gain and experience daily in your time of prayer and meditation. Life should always be pleasing to God! He creates life and sustains the same. Words are powerful and thoughts are creative. Combining those together gives unfathomable pleasure in HIsprasence forevermore!  

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